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We hold more than 50 seminars or workshops for participants from different areas of China in every year which are executed by small-group participants and quality courses to enhance effective interaction and communication between participants and trainers. Every seminar or workshop will leave enough time for participants to ask questions and get feedback for solution and illumination from the trainer. We promote participants to apply the knowledge from workshops and seminars into daily work actively to improve the actuality.
On the other hand, we are always invited to listen attentively to customer needs with the response of difficult problems covered in many departments and to be solved urgently in a company, then we can make a suitable proposal integrated with the necessary investigation from clients. At all, we wish to provide valuable training and consulting service through effective elicitation and guidance to help clients solve problems faced in the development.
Our chief expertise on:

  1. Management skills and professional competence
  2. Project management
  3. Production and logistics management
  4. Sales and marketing management
  5. Finance knowledge and skills

Our experts
Mr. Tom Koenig
Mr. Harald Mieth
Mr. Christian-Jacques HEYER
Mr. Pradeep Kumar
Ms. Grcae Park
Mr. Luo
Mr. Yang
Mr. Jason
Mr. Zhu
Mr. Lu
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